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  • Adam Archuleta, Rocco Alfieri, Joel Birkin, Scott Reeves, Yuri Alpatow and Hoyt Kogan
    by George on 27. May 2017 at 09:49

    There is no hiding the fact that this scene was filmed in the heart of winter in central Europe as with open with the boys having a bit of rough and tumble in the snow. Just as much as the presence of Bielko gives away the fact that the scene is filmed by BelAmi‘s photographer [... […]

  • Jean-Luc Bisset and Torsten Ullman
    by George on 26. May 2017 at 13:03

    This early-morning scene was shot by Lukas Ridgeston. It doesn’t always require flowers, sonnets, and witty repartee. A squirrel only needs nuts and acorns, a rabbit just a carrot. And for a BelAmi boy all you need is a good joint, a nice car or- in this case- fresh fruit. The fruit, combined with good [... […]

  • Helmut Huxley and Torsten Ullman
    by George on 25. May 2017 at 07:30

    This is the 2nd scene we have given you with the pairing of Helmut Huxley and Torsten Ullman and we hope you like it at least as much as the first. We have mentioned before that Torsten Ullman has a side job as a hairdresser, but what we didn’t mention is that he once cut Helmut’s [... […]

  • Alec Rothko and Rick Lautner
    by George on 23. May 2017 at 07:55

    Alec Rothko and Rick Lautner have made it down to BelAmi‘s Budapest studio all the way from Prague for this scene and both are keen to explore the layout of the place. Finding that they seem to have it all to themselves, they decide to make the most of the time before the others all arrive. Hot boys, [... […]

  • Ariel Vanean and Jason Bacall
    by George on 20. May 2017 at 07:21

    It seems that Ariel Vanean is quite smitten with Jason Bacall in today’s scene. To be fair to Ariel though, it seems that the attraction is entirely mutual and Jason gets one of the best fucks he’s had so far at BelAmi. Especially for any Jason fans, he will be back on June 13 on Freshmen [... […]

  • Joaquin Arrenas with Jarrod Lanvin and Joel Birkin
    by George on 19. May 2017 at 06:00

    For those who are wondering whether today’s scenes with Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvinare a double-day set or two separate scenes George has an explanation: In 1994 the founder of another gay porn studio shared some porn wisdom with BelAmi founder George Duroy. He said, “George, dick sells, and big dicks sell better’’. George innocently protested, “But some [... […]

  • Jordan Faris and Justin Saradon
    by George on 18. May 2017 at 07:54

    It is always a disappointment when a special day out has to be cancelled for work reasons, and that is exactly what happens to Justin Saradon in today’s scene when Jordan Faris is unexpectedly called into work. At least he offers up his ass to Justin to make up for his buddies obvious disappointment. I don’t [... […]

  • Photosession with Brian Jovovich
    by George on 17. May 2017 at 21:02

    We are back in Cape Town for today’s photo shoot with Brian Jovovich and it’s time to get him all wet. Brian is always a very sexy guy, but just add a little water and things get extra special. As this is an `Art Collection` set, we have a few less images than normal, but extra [... […]

  • Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin
    by George on 17. May 2017 at 06:00

    When Luke Hamill presents to George Duroy a scene with Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin he said, “But both boys have rather small dicks”. He innocently protested “But many of our customers claim that they don’t care about dick size”. George resolutely responded, “If that’s what they claim they are lying.” So, to stay on the safe side I instructed [... […]

  • BelAmi Night Scene: Jamie Durrell and Bastian Dufy
    by George on 16. May 2017 at 08:48

    For all the lovers of Romance, we have a lovely slow and tender BelAmi Night Scene today with Jamie Durrell and Bastian Dufy. Intimate and sexy, every caress between our boys today shows affection and appreciation. Filmed as usual by our eminent photographer Marty Stevens, Bastian is the top in todays scene and Jamie takes the [... […]